Bring a Kimono Into Your Life

Kimonos have been around hundreds of years. Originally it was the word used for clothing in Japan but since then it has been used for a specific item of clothing. The western world has taken on long flowing arms and oriental patterns and kimonos have become fashionable and wearable for every occasion. Finding one that suits you isn’t hard because there is such a wide variety out there on the market. Here are our three top choices from the Stylewe designer kimono section. If you feel like spicing up your wardrobe and bringing in some Asian style to your life then purchase a Kimono today and use it for literally any occasion. From work to the beach or all the way back home here is a kimono style which works for everyone.


Perfect For The Summer Kimono


When it comes to the summer we just want light clothing that is floaty and light. We want to feel the breeze as we lay on the beach and well we want to be stylish too. This white kimono is a unique and original design to choose from. It comes with a V neck and lace trimming which make it really stand out. Additionally the floral pattern is oriental but subtle at the same time. This is the perfect clothing item to throw over a swimsuit or to wear with some bright coloured shorts. The white base color will go with anything else in your wardrobe and you can even dress it up with some heels and a skirt for an evening out. The blue and pink design is girly, feminine and really elegant and will give you that feeling of ‘super woman’.

Kimono Great For Work


This probably isn’t your first thought when it comes to dressing up for work but a kimono can work really well for the office. This plain white kimono will go perfect on top of a vest and is subtle enough to look like a shirt but will make you look different and unique. The beautiful embroidered collar isn’t too overpowering either. This is great if you want to slip it over a tank top for the days which have a slight breeze in the air. Subtle and sexy is the way to go if you want to wear a kimono at work. The white color will blend in with darker suit jackets or trousers and isn’t too transparent that you will feel uncomfortable wearing it.


A Kimono For Those Casual Days


Every girl has those days where they just can’t be bothered to get dress. This beautiful knee length, white and silver kimono with tassles is great for those casual days. Kimonos like this are easy to slip on and off and work great for covering your arms in the chilly weather. You could also choose a style kimono like this to slip over a dress attire when going out in the evening. Baggy, comfy and light to wear we think every girl should have a kimono like this.



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