How To Publish an eBook on Amazon – Easy or Not?

Most people usually surprise concerning a way to publish associate eBook on Amazon, is it straightforward or is it hard? that’s the question.

The answer is each, it are often as straightforward as drop-off of a log (without the pain involved) or it are often as exhausting as you decide on to create it.

In this article, i’m getting to define the straightforward methodology and description the steps that you simply have to be compelled to desire get nearly any book printed inside some days. What i want you to try and do, is to follow the steps below and simply grasp done!


Before i’m going into the steps concerned, i need North American country to own associate understanding. the rationale for scripting this article isn’t on behalf of me to realize fame or fortune ( I have already got thirty five books printed on the Amazon Kindle platform that create a daily income).

The Reason

The reason is YOU! you have got already shown associate interest in a way to publish associate eBook on Amazon, simply by manifestation and being here. i need you to step it up a notch, ‘bite the bullet’ as they are saying,let’s not simply ‘think’ concerning it, let’s copulate along, right now!

The Commitment

So i’d such as you to create a commitment to complete the subsequent steps and my commitment to you is that you simply can have a book printed on the Kindle platform in record time.

The Book you’re getting to Publish

The book you’re getting to publish goes to be a really short children’s book. however ‘I don’t desire to jot down a children’s book’,I hear you say, ‘in reality I hate kids’. (now, i do not believe for a second that you simply hate children, after all, you were one once).

Why a children Book

The reason you’re getting to publish a children book on Amazon isn’t as a result of you would like to, however as a result of you recognize that by doing thus it’ll teach you the following:

1. however straightforward it’s to publish nearly any book on the eKindle platform.

2. the straightforward steps that square measure needed for the method.

3. a way to manufacture a canopy in but 5 minutes for peanuts (if anything).

4. you’ll unlock that ‘it’s too hard’ barrier in your mind, provided you truly follow the steps printed below.

5. you’ll then recognize that while not a doubt, if you’ll publish an easy children book then you’ll publish nearly something you actually wish to.

Back in class

Just keep in mind once you were back in class and were created to try and do all those exercises thus you’ll learn the alphabet? Well, there was some extent to all or any those mundane very little exercises and that they had a no-hit result, as a result of you’re reading this currently.

Think of this joined of these mundane very little exercises that you simply should knock off order to proceed. Ho-hum…

Let’s simply copulate Shall We?

Before you begin to urge your book printed you’ll have to be compelled to open a free KDP Amazon account, this is often wherever you’ll transfer your finished book. attend the KDP Amazon web site for additional info and complete the applying, if you’re already a member of Amazon then the method can solely take a second.

Step One – Topic

The book you’re getting to publish are going to be a brief 1800 word children’s story. what is going to the subject be? Well, what square measure a number of the items that you simply likable to try and do once you were a 6-7-year-old? countless things I bet you likable, disbursal every day at the beach, getting to the menagerie, occurring a picnic, i feel you get the concept.

Step 2 – Title

Let’s opt for a title like this:

Little Lucy’s Day At The Beach or Tommy Goes To The menagerie

Step 3 – Writing

There square measure many faculties of thought here, once writing a book, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} either opt to write it yourself (if you’re obsessed with a subject) otherwise you can opt to rent associate outsourcer to try and do it for you.

‘Shock- Horror’, obtaining some other person to jot down a book on behalf of me, is not there one thing that feels ‘not right’ concerning that?

Well, there square measure several reasons that a lot of,many,many people opt to rent associate outsourcer to jot down their book. they’ll not have a decent command of the English language, they may not have the time etc.

Just keep in mind that hiring associate outsourcer is one possibility. along with your children’s book, you’re getting to write the chapters and concerning 1800 words won’t take long.

Use a program like MS word or the free equivalent, your book are going to be in.doc format.

Step Four – Chapters

Your book can have five chapters of concerning 360 words per chapter, if you’re writing concerning very little Lucy’s Day at The Beach then it’d go like this:

Chapter One – Introduction.

You could indite however very little Lucy invariably looked forward to getting to the beach Her folks took her there nearly each weekend and etc etc

Chapter 2 – Sandcastles

Chapter 3 – Lucy finds a Crab

Chapter Four – Lucy finds some Seashells

Chapter 5 – Going Home

Just keep it straightforward, indite 360 words per chapter, that’s concerning 3 or four paragraphs, comparison it with most short articles square measure concerning 600 words long.

It might solely take you concerning twenty minutes per chapter.

Step 5 – pictures

You will would like a minimum of five pictures for your book. you’ll use one in every of these pictures for the duvet. These are often hand drawn illustrations or simply some world photos of what your story is concerning.

Illustrations: you’ll source associate creative person to create specific illustrations for you, this may price anyplace between $5- $50 per illustration, it depends on UN agency you utilize. There square measure several websites that provide this service, simply search on Google for reasonable illustrations. In one in every of my children’s books I got five illustrations in deep trouble but $45 total.

Photos: this is often the fastest methodology, you’ll notice some specific royalty free image sites on the net wherever you’ll purchase photos for $1 every. (recommended method)

Google Photos: you have got to use caution here, yes, there square measure several photos without delay offered on Google however several don’t seem to be royalty free, if you decide on to use photos from a Google search then before you look for them, set your search settings for photos and pictures that you simply will use commercially. (just Google a way to do a secure look for images)

Use 5 pictures, use one in every of them for the duvet ( or a compilation of all of them if thus inclined) and insert one image at the start or finish of every chapter.

Step Six – cowl

Almost done currently, this is often straightforward is not it?

The cover can solely take you concerning 5 minutes, seriously. the simplest thanks to create a canopy is to look the net and notice somebody that provides access to free eBook covers, additional specifically Kindle covers. though few and much between, there square measure some websites that provide a free membership for aspiring authors and it’s doable to urge some basic covers to suit your desires.

Step Seven – transfer Your Book

Now you have got the subsequent 2 things, Your book cowl (.jp image) and your completed book manuscript (with the photos already inserted) in.doc format, you’re able to transfer your book

There square measure many totally different formats you’ll transfer your book as however simply keep is easy.

All of my books are uploaded as a word.doc file with the pictures already within the document and therefore the separate cowl file a .jp image.

Now that you simply have your KDP account it’s a really sure bet of uploading your book.

1. Open your Kindle Direct business account, on the primary page you’ll see that it’ll be blank (unless you have got already printed a book), you’ll see the menu at the highest of the page then just under you’ll see somewhat box on the left that claims ‘+ produce new title’. Left click this and you’ll be taken to the primary of 2 pages.

2. On the primary page you’ll input the book info, Author,title, keywords etc simply fill in what you’re asked to.

3. you’ll then be asked to transfer your cowl image.

4. you’ll then transfer your book file.

5. you’ll then attend the second page wherever you’ll input the value you’d prefer to charge for your book. (if a book is commercialism for.99 cents then you’ll create half-hour if your book sells for two.99 to 10.00 you’ll create 70%)

6. simply fill out the remainder of the shape wherever needed and you’re done.

The End

That was a reasonably painless exercise, in fact, your teacher did not even rap you over the knuckles for not holding your pen properly (as mine did after I was at school). currently that you simply acumen to publish associate eBook on Amazon the globe very is at your disposal.

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